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Our move to our new home at the Europa-Park Stadion is complete. In order for visitors to feel at home in our new stadium, we have compiled a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions below. Should you have any additional questions, please contact our fan support team (see the contact form on our website).

FAQ for our home matches

Fan items

SC Freiburg look forward to welcoming a diverse, vocal support from the stands and follow the regulations set forth under Annex 9 of the DFB’s Guidelines for Improving Security at Domestic Matches.

On matchdays, the following fan items are permitted to be brought into our stadium:

  • Small flags with PVC poles no longer than 2.0 metres;
  • Flags on telescopic poles from 2.0 metres in length;
  • Drums (fully see-through or see-through on one side) including one pair of drum sticks per drum;
  • Megaphones (including 1 set of spare batteries);
  • Two-sticks with PVC poles no longer than 2.0 metres;
  • Fan club and fence banners: Flags are permitted to be hung on the fence in front of the stands, provided there is sufficient space. The quickest and easiest location to attach a banner is from the standing sections. Advertising boards must remain uncovered. The emergency exit gates must also be kept free during the match. A suspension system of approximately 13 meters is available to help hoist banners in the away end, with an SC-provided steward on hand to assist. Banners and fence flags are prohibited in the upper tiers of the stadium.

Please note: Security checks for fans bringing in any of the above items will take place in a separate, visible area near the entrance gates.


Bag drop policy

Please note that we can only accept a limited number of items, backpacks, bags and similar objects at our bag drop locations at the Europa-Park Stadion due to space constraints. We ask that all visitors leave prohibited items either at home or in their vehicles in order to prevent long waiting times at the security checkpoints.

In particular, we would like to highlight that no large backpacks or bags are allowed to be taken into the stadium. Bags must be no larger than DIN A3 format. Bag drops are located at all entrance points and are signposted (€2 fee). SC Freiburg does not assume responsibility for any items left at these locations.

Permitted items
  • Photo and video cameras for personal use only. DSLR cameras are also permitted, as long as they come with a standard lens no larger than 100mm (no telephoto lenses, extra bags, extra lenses or tripods allowed);
  • Binoculars;
  • Non-alcoholic drinks in Tetra Pak containers up to 0.5 litres
  • “Small quantities” of food;
  • Medication (needles are permitted only with a medical certificate);
  • Keys;
  • Smartphones;
  • Power banks;
  • Bicycle helmets.

- Smartphones

- Fahnenstangen bis 1,00 Meter Länge (Stabdurchmesser Holz: 2 cm, Durchmesser Kunststoff: 3 cm)

Prohibited items
  • Weapons, aerosol containers, pressurised gas cylinders, corrosive or colour dyeing substances, as well as any items which can be used to injure other persons or cause damage to other objects, be thrown or viewed as projectiles;
  • Bottles, jugs or cans made of fragile, splintering or extremely hard materials;
  • Bags and backpacks larger than 420mm x 350mm x 150mm (Height x Width x Length);
  • Bulky objects that may pose a risk to others due to their nature or misuse (ex. Ladders, strollers, suitcases, stools, collapsible chairs, boxes);
  • Explosives, fireworks, rockets, flares, smoke bombs, sparklers and other pyrotechnic devices;
  • Flags, two-sticks or banners with words or content that constitute a criminal offense;
  • Large quantities of paper, toilet paper rolls, napkins or confetti;
  • Objects intended to conceal one’s identity (specifically balaclavas, masks);
  • Alcoholic drinks purchased outside the stadium grounds;
  • Drones;
  • Whistles;
    Motorcycle helmets;
  • Stick umbrellas with wooden or metal tips;
  • Laser pointers;
  • Air horns;
  • Drinks in plastic or glass containers;
  • Drinks in Tetra Pak containers larger than 0.5 litres;
  • Drugs as stipulated under Germany’s Controlled Substances Act;
  • Photo and video cameras with interchangeable lenses larger than 100mm;
  • Pets (not including service or guide dogs).

Visitors who decline to surrender items listed in section 6.1 thereby forfeit their right to access the stadium and will not receive a refund for their tickets.

Stadium opening hours

On matchdays, entry to our stadium is possible from two hours before kick-off.

Fan items and fan shops

In addition to the fan shops at the Europa-Park Stadion, the Dreisamstadion (Schwarzwaldstraße) and in the city centre (Rathausgasse 15), there are additional merchandise stands set up at the respective venues on matchdays.

You can find more information on opening hours and offers relating to our fan shops and fan merchandise here: https://www.scfreiburg.com/fanshops/

Receive all the latest information, news and promotions via our newsletter: https://www.scfreiburg.com/newsletter/


Food and drink

Food stands and kiosks at the Europa-Park Stadion open two hours before kick-off on matchdays. The ‘Zäpflehütte’ opens three hours before kick-off. 

Food and drinks can be purchased using cash or card payment at various locations.

Non-alcoholic drinks can be taken into the stadium provided they are in a Tetra Pak with a maximum capacity of 0.5 litres.


General assistance

During matchdays, visitors can reach out to our fan support team (contact details above right), members of our security staff, the police or the German Red Cross (DRK) for assistance. Our SC volunteers are also on hand to assist you, and can be easily identified via their yellow shirts that read “Volunteer – Ich helfe” on the back. Members of our volunteer team are located around the stadium perimeter and are on duty from two hours prior to kick-off.


Assistance in cases of discrimination or sexual violence

Unfortunately, discrimination, sexism and sexual violence continue to be an issue within our society, and in football. As a club, we want to take even more concrete action against discriminatory and unacceptable attacks on matchdays and offer victims our immediate assistance.

On matchdays at the Europa-Park Stadion, our fan support team, security staff, the police and German Red Cross (DRK) are available to provide assistance to those in need. SC Freiburg’s fan support team is on hand to respond to urgent cases on matchdays (in person, via text, WhatsApp or phone call):

Sabrina Tröller: 0049 170-7045478 | Jonathan Theimer: 0049 170-9362116 
Andreas Wehrle: 0049 160-98217544 | Sina Wochner: 0049 151-22541033

Assistance and support with the help of counselling centre "Frauenhorizonte"

Additionally, SC Freiburg work together with “Frauenhorizonte,” a specialised counselling centre against sexual violence. Any fan who experiences sexual violence during a matchday can contact the round-the-clock help line provided by Frauenhorizonte, including evenings, weekends and holidays, by calling the following number: (0761) 285 85 85). During office hours, you will be able to reach a full-time employee of the counselling centre (Monday to Thursday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. / Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. / Calls made during evenings and on weekends will be forwarded to a cell phone number for assistance).

The centre’s on-call help line is staffed by social workers and psychologists who have received professional training in counselling people who have experienced trauma. If you are not yet sure which steps you would like to take, Frauenhorizonte will provide you with all the necessary information either via a phone call or during a private counselling session. You can find more information here: https://www.frauenhorizonte.de/


Medical assistance

German Red Cross (DRK) staff are on duty at several mobile locations around the stadium. Signposts within the stadium perimeter will help guide visitors to the nearest DRK location. Additionally, the stewards in the stands will be happy to provide assistance to anyone in need.


Lost and found / stolen items

Items found within the stadium grounds can be given to any stewards on duty. Should you lose an item during your visit, please contact us via email (fundbuero@scfreiburg.com). Please include your phone number in the e-mail so that we are able to get in touch with you.


Our fan representatives

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