Sport-Club Freiburg e.V.
Achim-Stocker-Str. 1
79108 Freiburg

Authorised Representatives
Oliver Leki
Jochen Saier

USt-Id-Nr. DE 142 117 551
Amtsgericht Freiburg VR-Nr. 273

Phone:  0761-38551-0
Fax: 0761-38551-150


Responsible for Content
Holger Rehm-Engel 
Sascha Glunk
Arne Stratmann 
E-Mail: ​​​​​​

The copyright for content and design belongs to SC Freiburg.

Redaction SC Freiburg
David Hildebrandt
Marcel Burger 
Marius Faller
Marco Schmittner
Lydia Schönbett
Isabel Betz
Niklas Batsch (Women football)
Mario Schmidt (Social commitment)

Dirk Rohde
Jonas Wegerer
Yannick Stay

Achim Keller (

Responsible for marketing
SC Freiburg Sponsoring

Concept, design and technical implementation
team neusta GmbH
Konsul-Smidt-Straße 24
28217 Bremen

Online club shop (implementation/programming)
best it GmbH & Co. KG, Velen

Reservix GmbH
Humboldtstraße 2
79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

Dispute settlement

The European commission provides a platform for online dispute settlement:

Please find our email address in the imprint as listed above. We are neither prepared nor obligated to take part in a dispute settlement in front of a dispute review board.


Sport-Club Freiburg e.V.
Achim-Stocker-Str. 1
79108 Freiburg
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