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28 Changhoon Kwon, Midfield

Né le: 30.06.1994 in Seoul (KOR)
Poids: 72 kg
Taille: 1.73 m
Parcours: FCO Dijon, Suwon Bluewings
Poste: Midfield
En club depuis: 2019

Changhoon Kwon's first encounter with his new teammate Nils Petersen came three years ago, in the group stages of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, playing for his native South Korea. In January 2017, the 16-time capped international completed a move away from South Korean side Bluewings - located in Freiburg's sister town Suwon - to FCO Dijon. He racked up 15 goals and four assists in 68 games for the French Ligue 1 side. "Changhoon is a very versatile forward, who can either play as a winger or through the middle," says sporting director Klemens Hartenbach, "and he's also a very good fit because of his attitude."