Sponsoring at SC Freiburg

When SC Freiburg’s image is discussed in studies or articles, the same characteristics are almost always emphasised: sustainability, likeability and credibility. Relaxed, authentic and with continuity from those in charge. Many of these characteristics are shared by the City of Freiburg, the Black Forest and the South Baden region, all of which are known for their exceptional hospitality, picturesque nature, a pleasantly-warm climate and an excellent cuisine.

The examples show that the club has never forgotten its roots. On the contrary, we know where we have come from and, despite possessing relatively limited resources, have still managed to establish ourselves as a permanent fixture in the top flight of German football. Growing step-by-step, both on the pitch and economically, making the club more professional in all areas and remaining true to our identity have been the defining features of our corporate policy.

For many players, fans and employees, as well as sponsors and partners, SC Freiburg has a special place in the Bundesliga. Companies appreciate the club as a far-reaching, authentic advertising platform, as a sociable gathering point on matchdays, with excellent cuisine and company, and for the open and pleasant manner of its people. But why not find out for yourself. Or even better, allow us to create a tailor-made offer for you to become part of our SC family.

Sponsoring in a new home

SC Freiburg will soon move into its new stadium. This means change and, above all, progress, particularly for our sponsors and partners. Even though we will all miss our traditional Schwarzwald-Stadion, the bottom line is that our new stadium offers us a huge chance for the entire club and thus also for its sponsors and partners. We can pack in 35,000 spectators instead of 24,000, with 2,000 hospitality seats compared to 1,100 before. Furthermore, we have 20 new partner boxes, more parking spaces and, of course, improved advertising, hospitality, and networking opportunities.

Our new, very narrow and steep stadium will soon give more fans the opportunities to watch SC Freiburg games up close and with a truly unique atmosphere. At the same time, our partners and sponsors receive significantly more modern, technical and higher-quality presentation options and hospitality rooms than before. More quantity doesn’t necessarily mean less quality, quite the contrary. We have put a lot of care into our kitchen planning, in order to give regional businesses the opportunity to provide first-class food and catering to our guests in the VIP areas.

We have come up with a smart marketing concept and clear sponsoring architecture to guarantee regional, national and international attention to help you achieve your communication goals. In order to achieve the desired success and to offer our partners, the club and its fans and members added value, we strive for partnerships that are real, authentic and transparent. Let’s share exciting and relevant stories, together. We will work individually with you to establish which tools and communication services are needed within the partnership in order to make our common idea and story visible and tangible for our shared target groups. Have we piqued your interest? Then do not hesitate to get in touch! We would be happy to make you an offer.

An SC Partner Family

The so-called "sponsorteam" – the team behind the team – is highly valued within the sponsoring architecture of the club and has for many years now been a unifying element in the SC family, across all partners and levels. As such, all our partners at SC Freiburg, from the main sponsor through to hospitality partners, are entitled to use the "sponsorteam" symbol in their communications.

The idea and aspiration to be an SC Family remains as we move to a new home and helps create an affiliation with both the club and other partners. This idea also applies to our women’s and girls’ teams, as well as throughout the Freiburg football school.

Especially in difficult times, it shows how important it is to be able to rely upon a solid network and a club family. Thank you for being a part of that.

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